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Sourcing the full spectrum of legal specialties from a single firm is unnecessary, and often counterproductive. Through decades of our lawyers’ collective experience, we’ve curated an elite network of niche-specialty attorneys covering the full spectrum of firm sizes and delivery models. Optimal clients get access to right-sized senior expertise, without the costs of traditional “one stop shop” approaches to full service.

Many clients have been misled by traditional law firms to think that all of their counsel needs to be sourced from one large firm. Not only is this false, but the one-size-fits-all approach to sourcing counsel often leads to significant inefficiency and poor service.

Optimal’s specialist attorney network, curated over the decades of collective experience of our attorneys, connects clients to each and every legal specialty that they need over the course of their company’s growth: from labor and employment, domestic or cross-border tax structuring, and recruiting-related immigration law, to patents, trademarks, and soft IP, to niche specialties like data privacy, open source, and federal regulatory. 

Top-tier 21st-century companies are not sourcing their lawyers from one firm. We’ve rejected the one-stop-shop approach to elite law, and offer a flexible, merit-based alternative through which clients are referred and select expertise in every legal vertical from a curated network of solo, boutique, and (when appropriate) larger firms. 

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